Beauty Supply stores have always been a staple to the hood, almost anyone would go there to get “fresh” for the low. Obviously, women can go grab any affordable essentials needed to get gorgeous at the beauty supply. For guys, it was everything from fake diamond earrings and du-rags to white t-shirts and wave grease. Before entering that era in life where I frequently shopped at the mall, I found items at my local beauty supply to remix and add to pieces that I already owned at home.

There used to be days as a teenager when I could only afford white Air Force 1’s but no fit to go with them, so a simple white shirt for $2.99 and some fake earrings did the job for me. Sometimes, the bootleg shit in the beauty supply even looked better than the authentic stuff in retail stores. I remember buying knockoff Nike headbands fully knowing that they were fake but still just being happy I was able to find that rare colorway that no one else had.

With the Beauty Supply concept, I wanted to capture a moment in time growing up where I used my local resources to look good and make due with what I had. Never front on the Beauty Supply.